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"Dive Club" splashes onto Netflix globally

Dive Club, the bold 12-part series for teens, will launch on Netflix globally on Friday September 3. With a storyline that hooks you from the start, standout performances from a talented cast and the picturesque Far North Queensland backdrop, this Australian-made series takes the Young Adult genre to a whole new level.

Dive Club is the story of 16-year-olds Maddie, Lauren, Anna and Stevie. On the surface they’re regular teenagers navigating life, friendship and romance, but under the water the skilled divers enter a whole new world of adventure.

It’s an idyllic existence that’s suddenly shattered when Cape Mercy is battered by a cyclone and Lauren, the group’s charismatic trailblazer, goes missing. The mystery of her disappearance, the arrival of a new friend, Izzie, and with suspicious holes in the official investigation, the girls are plunged into a desperate search of their own that raises more questions the deeper they dive.

Dive Club stars Miah Madden (Australia Day, The Unlisted), Georgia-May Davis (Young Talent Time, Disney Backstage Pass), Sana’a Shaik (Reckoning, 2067), Mercy Cornwall (The Heights) and newcomer Aubri Ibrag. Rounding out the cast is Australian model and digital creator Josh Heuston making his screen debut, Alexander Grant (Radio Waves), and Joseph Spanti (Coffee Lover).

Series creator and Showrunner Steve Jaggi comments, “Dive Club is not like anything in the Young Adult genre that we have seen before in Australia, and we are thrilled that the series is reaching a global audience via Netflix. The storyline is so captivating that viewers will want to binge all twelve episodes to unravel the mystery.”

Producer Spencer McLaren adds, “We’re really proud of Dive Club and the way the series came together. We shot entirely on location in Far North Queensland and pulled out all the stops. The series was shot more like a film than a TV series with impressive aerial and underwater photography and a real cinematic quality achieved due to filming in 4K with stunning HDR Dolby Vision picture and Dolby Atmos audio.”

Dive Club premiered to Australian audiences on 10 Shake and 10 Play on Demand in May 2021, and will screen to audiences in over 190 countries when it launches on Netflix on Friday September 3, 2021.

Dive Club is created and produced by The Steve Jaggi Company, and filmed entirely on location in Far North Queensland. Dive Club is a Network 10 and Netflix co-production, with major production funding from Screen Australia and support from Screen Queensland in association with Filmology Finance. The series is distributed internationally by Nicely Entertainment. Ends. Media contact: Nicole Hurren, publicist p. +61 420 538 200,

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