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"The Dog Days of Christmas" Commences Shooting on the Gold Coast

Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast has been transformed into Christmas in Vermont, with The Dog Days of Christmas filming at the park and surrounding hinterland region. The latest feature from The Steve Jaggi Company, The Dog Days of Christmas is a feel-good romance written by Holly Hester, directed by Tori Garrett (Don’t Tell), and starring Australian actors Georgia Flood (American Princess) and Ezekiel Simat (Lambs of God). The film will be released in cinemas next year.

The Dog Days of Christmas follows Annie Blake (Georgia Flood), an aid worker who has just finished an international mission and is heading home to North Haven, Vermont, to spend the holidays with her family. When the local animal shelter closes, Annie steps in to save it with the help of the local vet and old school nemesis, Dylan(Ezekiel Simat).

Georgia Flood comments “It has been wonderful to be able to work right now in this current time. The cast and crew are a fantastic bunch of talented legends.We have been having a lot of fun with our canine buddies too. Together we are bringing this uplifting story to life from the mountains of Queensland and Movie World. I hope audiences and animal lovers enjoy. Hilarity heals."

Having recently wrapped This Little Love of Mine in Cairns,The Steve Jaggi Company is well-versed in creating a safe filming environment. The Gold Coast production crew is adhering to strict COVID-safe filming practices, and following guidelines set by the Queensland Government.

Producer Steve Jaggi comments “Despite all of the challenges of this year, it has been a busy period for our team and we’re thrilled to be in production on The Dog Days of Christmas. The Gold Coast’s fantastic facilities are providing the perfect setting to bring to life a wintery Vermont Christmas.”

Supporting the film’s animal shelter storyline and the growing international movement in favour of adopting animals, the three lead dogs that feature in the film – Digger, Mini and Salty – are all adopted. In fact, 90% of the animals that feature in the film are either rescued or adopted.

The Dog Days of Christmas is produced by Kelly Son Hing, Spencer McLaren and Steve Jaggi, with Kylie Pascoe co-producing. Executive Producers are Julianna Hays, Larry Grimaldi, Hannah Pillemer and Fernando Szew. The film will be released in Australia through Event Cinemas and Village Cinemas in 2021. Worldwide distribution is being handled by MarVista Entertainment, out of Los Angeles, California.

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