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Spirit of the Game (2016)

> 1h 38m
> Biography Drama 
> Sales Samuel Goldwyn 
> U.S. Theatrical Samuel Goldwyn
> World Sony Entertainment 
> Australian Release Theatrical 
> Writer: Daran Scott
> Director: Darran Scott
> Principal Cast: Heidi Arena, Rudi Baker, Bailey Barbour

Based on a true story and featuring Kevin Sorbo, this family sport drama transports you back nearly a century to Australia’s own concrete jungle, Melbourne, where the challenge of Australia’s first basketball team is told. 


It’s 1956 and 20-year-old Delyle Condie travels to Melbourne, Australia, on a mission for his church in an attempt to recover from a broken heart. He leaves behind a promising basketball career and finds himself in a city gripped with Olympic fever.


Delyle struggles to maintain his spirits when faced with the indifference of the locals, but when an opportunity to help train Australia’s first Olympic basketball team arises, Delyle sees his chance to connect. His passion leads to the formation of the Mormon Yankees basketball team, and in the run up to the Games, fierce competition with the French leads to a bloody rematch, through which Delyle and his Yankees are able to prove their faith - and their mettle - to the world.

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