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You, Me and the Penguins (2022)

> Romance

> Co production with Incendo

> Sales - Athabasca Film (ANZ)

> Sales - Incendo (world)

> Writer: Annelies Kavan

> Director: Christine Luby 

> Principal Cast: Tammin Sursok, Jason Wilder

The romance YOU, ME AND THE PENGUINS was shot entirely on location in South East Queensland.



Tilly works at the Animal Discovery Institute in New York City. When the Crystal Bay Penguin Centre is threatened with closure, its colony of fairy penguins scheduled to be rehomed 2,500km from their wild colony and Tilly’s dream to work in the field is realised. Accompanied by her sister Gemma (wife, mother of four - five if you include the dog - and in desperate need of a break) Tilly heads to Crystal Bay… Australia. 


Arriving at the centre, Tilly is met by the welcoming General Manager Kyle and his husband Parker, alongside Head Zoologist Fletcher. Preferring penguins to people, Fletcher begrudgingly welcomes Tilly’s arrival and the two rarely see eye to eye. With only a week to turn the centre around, the group must band together to gather donations, gain funding, and generate interest in the scientific community.


As they spend together, Fletcher’s belief in people, and even love, is reignited by the bubbly and intelligent Tilly, while Tilly realises she has never felt more at home than with pragmatic and practical Fletcher. With the centre saved, a dream job in Alaska now on offer and Gemma keen to return to her family, Tilly must decide between leaving Crystal Bay, or staying with Fletcher and the penguins he loves so much.

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