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A Royal in Paradise (2022)

> Romance

> Sales - Athabasca Film (ANZ)

> Sales - Nicely Entertainment (world)

> Writers: Adrian Powers & Caera Bradshaw

> Director: Adrian Powers 

> Principal Cast: Rhiannon Fish, Mitchell Bourke

The romance A Royal in Paradise was shot entirely on location in South East Queensland.


New York writer Olivia Perkins is on deadline for her next romantic adventure novel, but the recent breakup with her boyfriend has left her with writers block and a failing belief in love. Olivia’s best friend Katie convinces her to take a trip to the tropical Haven Isles in the hope of reinspiring her. 


On the other side of the world, Prince Alexander is reminded by the Queen of his upcoming duty to marry royalty. Needing some distance, Prince Alexander decides to attend a wildlife rescue gala on Haven Isles.


On arriving at the island, the Prince and Olivia meet and a friendship is formed, but Alexander keeps his identity a secret. Experiencing all the Island has to offer, Olivia and Alexander grow closer, until the Prince’s true identity is exposed by a royal spy. Stunned, but willing to accept his apology, Olivia agrees to accompany Alexander to the gala where the Queen appears, and tells Olivia there is no future with her son.

Upset, Olivia returns to New York. The publishers love her new story but demand a happier ending. Olivia refuses, until Alexander appears, pledging his love, and Olivia decides to give the happy ending another try.

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