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Beyond the Reef (2022)

> 45m 
> Documentary

> Created in association with In Three Production

> Sales - Athabasca Film (ANZ)

> Sales - Nicely Entertainment (world)
> Sales - K2 (China)

> Writer: Georgia Harrison

> Director: Luke Wheatley 

> Host: Shuang Hu

Filmed entirely on location in Far North Queensland, BEYOND THE REEF was filmed in Large Format 8k and designed for a Premium Large Format (PLF) and Giant Screen release.


Beyond The Reef takes audiences on a journey to one of the most beautiful places in the   world - Far North Queensland - to explore this versatile and spectacular landscape. Famous for the  Great Barrier Reef, the area is world-renowned for its precious ecosystems and is the backdrop to one of the biggest conversations in environmental change.


Filmed in large format 8k and designed for a global Premium Large Format (PLF)/ Giant screen release, this feature documentary showcases the landscape by land, air and sea, with local stories, insights and inspiration along the way. From diving the Great Barrier Reef, taking a safari in the Daintree Rainforest, four-wheel driving on endless beaches and sailing the sky blue ocean, audiences will join actor and social media influencer Shuang Hu on a completely immersive experience of a lifetime.

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