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Kidnapped (2021)

> 1h 27m 
> Thriller

> Developed with Sepia Films

> Sales Honalee Entertainment 
> U.S. Release Lifetime

Australian Release Theatrical 35     screens

> Writer: Shanrah Wakefield

> Director: Vic Sharin 

> Principal Cast: Claire Van Der Boom, Todd Lasance, Melina Vidler, Lynn Gilmartin, Jason Wilder, Molly Belle Wright

> Kim Roberts & Tina Pehme also produce

This exciting thriller starring Claire Van Der Bloom and Todd Lascance was shot in tropical north Queensland.


Californian Attorney Savannah Morgan always dreamt of bringing her husband Brad and their five year old daughter Aria, back to her birthplace in Queensland, Australia, so when news arrives that Savannah has won a holiday at the Koala Bay Nature Resort, her dream is about to come true. Bags are packed and the Morgans are looking forward to spending two relaxing weeks at the beautiful resort in Australia’s Far North Queensland.


Upon their arrival, it’s everything they hoped for and more... until Aria goes missing from the resort’s Kidz Club and it becomes their worst nightmare.


Suspicions point everywhere, but ultimately the heart pounding race to find the little girl alive leads Savannah to the discovery of a hidden family secret, one that’s about to change her life forever.


Where to Watch


> Netflix

  Streaming now


United States

As Kidnapped in Paradise

> Lifetime Channel

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