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Mistletoe Ranch (2022)

> Holiday romance

> Sales - Athabasca Film (ANZ)

> Sales - Blue Fox Entertainment (world)

> Writer: Clair J. Harris

> Director: Rhiannon Bannenberg 

> Principal Cast: Mercy Cornwall, Jordi Webber

The holiday romance Mistletoe Ranch was shot entirely on location in South East Queensland.


Eight years after leaving the town of Snowy Oak, Aimée Tremblay is following her dreams as assistant to an internationally-celebrated photographer. While she’s initially more interested in preparing for the next big shoot than returning home for the holidays, her plans change when she learns her ex-fiancé, James Hunt, has cancelled the town’s Christmas celebrations.


Returning home to restore the seasonal spirit, Aimée finds her childhood home vacant and the ranch in debt. She’s faced with two options – return to manage the property, or sell it and continue pursuing her career. As Aimée preps for the party, she explores her past on the ranch, and seeks answers for what the future holds.


With the support of James, the people of Snowy Oak, and a mysterious woman who lives in the woods, Aimée finds a way to continue her career while remaining with the man she’s loved all her life.

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