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Heart-stopping Thriller "Kidnapped" Shooting in Far North Queensland

Production is underway on the thriller KIDNAPPED, a feature film currently shooting in Port Douglas and surrounds. KIDNAPPEDis the latest project from The Steve Jaggi Company, and is a co-production with Canadian production company Sepia Films. The film is written by Australian writer Shanrah Wakefield and directed by Canadian director Vic Sarin.

Set in a coastal paradise, KIDNAPPEDis an edge-of-your-seat film starring Claire van der Boom (Palm Beach, Pulse) and Todd Lasance (Spartacus,The Vampire Diaries, The Flash) who will next be seen in Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse. The story follows Savannah Morgan (van der Boom), a woman living her dream with her husband Brad (Lasance) and their four-year-old daughter, Aria, on a resort vacation in her birth country of Australia... until Aria goes missing from the resort’s Kidz Club and it becomes her worst nightmare. Suspicions point everywhere, but ultimately the heart-pounding race to find the little girl alive leads Savannah to a discovery about her family that she never saw coming.

Director Vic Sarin comments “I have filmed all over the world and it is fantastic to be back in Australia after all these years. The Port Douglas community has been very good to us and the shoot is tracking really well. The story is centred around a missing child, which is any parent’s biggest fear, and something we think will resonate with audiences.”

Claire van der Boom adds “I feel very lucky to be shooting here in Far North Queensland. It’s an idyllic, tropical setting that brings a contrast to the story of my character searching for her kidnapped daughter. I’m having a lot of fun with this cast and excellent crew.”

KIDNAPPED is produced by Steve Jaggi, Spencer McLaren, Kim C. Roberts and Tina Pehme, with Kelly Son Hing and Kylie Pascoe co-producing. Sheri Singer and Lee Matthews are Executive Producers and Sophie Tilson Production Executive. The production’s cast and crew are adhering to strict COVID-safe filming practices, and following guidelines set by the Queensland government. KIDNAPPED will be released in cinemas in 2021, as part of an exclusive deal with Event Cinemas. Worldwide distribution is being handled by Honalee Entertainment.

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