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Sit. Stay. Love. (2021)

> 1h 27m 
> Christmas Romance

> Distributor MarVista Entertainment
> Writer: Holly Hester

> Director: V.B. Garrett

> Principal Cast: Georgia Flood,    Ezekiel Simat, Anthony Phelan, Anna McGahan

Filmed in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Warner Bros. Movie World was transformed into Vermont, USA for this whimsical and heartwarming holiday romance.


Aid worker Annie Blake devotes her life to helping people in need, in fact she made it her job in the "Helping Hand" organisation. After finishing a mission in Nepal, she decides to spend Christmas holidays in her family's hometown in North Haven, Vermont, where she hasn't been since her mother passed away three years ago.


Upon arriving in the small town, Annie finds a flyer from the local animal shelter looking for foster carers and she excitedly heads to the shelter to sign up. But the shelter has since closed, and all the animals moved to the local vet's surgery where Dylan - the local vet and Annie's old school nemesis - has collected a ragtag bunch of animals looking for homes.


Determined to save the shelter and find homes for the animals, Annie enlists her family, Dylan, and the entire community to create a Christmas nobody will ever forget, and in the process, finds true love.


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Australia & New Zealand


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United States

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